Self-Love Sunday – Self-Awareness

In honor of today being Self-Love Sunday, I’m going to share with you a small snippet from “You: Your Guide to Self-Awareness.” It’s the first book in my subscription box. The box is a 12 month subscription that comes with 3 different books, workbooks, or journals a month. Each book will be about divine love, self-love, and relational love. I chose to do 12 boxes because there are, in my opinion, 12 layers of self-love, so each self-love book will revolve around a different layer.

The first layer is self-awareness, and that is what the first self-love book in the subscription box covers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you have until August 31st to sign up in time enough to receive the August box. For those that miss out on it, I will make them available on my website in September, but there will be a $15 price increase.

After the snippet, I will post four questions that will help you gain a deeper sense of self-awareness. If you’re comfortable enough to do so, feel free to share your answers as a comment on this blog post.

Self-awareness is knowledge of your character, feelings, motives, values, and desires. It’s a deep understanding of who you are and who you aren’t. What you want and don’t want. Need and don’t need. It’s commitment to your truth as an individual. Basically, self-awareness is knowledge of self.

Self-awareness is what makes you aware of your desires, morals, and boundaries to make sure that you NEVER settle for less than you deserve.  It’s how you get to know the core of who you are – your heart and soul – in a way that allows you to share and guard both from others when you desire.

One of the main reasons self-awareness is so important is because it gives you control over your life. Knowing yourself is what equips you to live the life you were created to live.

If you don’t know who you truly are, you won’t know what you have to offer to the world and your partner. I believe we all have gifts, talents, passions, and purposes.

How are you going to experience a fulfilled life if you aren’t aware of what you were created to do and be?

Self-awareness also keeps you from living for others and trends. It keeps you from allowing others to determine your identity, worth, and value.

In order for us to have genuine relationships and connections with people, we have to practice intimacy. Seeing into each other’s hearts, minds, souls, and emotions. If you don’t know who you are on the inside, it will show up on the outside… and in your relationships. A lack of self-awareness can keep you from deep, meaningful connections.

The four questions:

  1. What can you not go a day without doing/thinking about?
  2. What three things do you value/prioritize most?
  3. If you died today, would you be content with the life/example/legacy you left behind? If so, why? If not, why not, and what needs to be done to change it?
  4. What are you really, really good at? How are you sharing that with the world?


Catch you here next weekend, and if you’re interested in my love/relationship tools they are available at

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