Passion and purpose.

Social media has been gnawing at my soul. Between the drama, violence, sex, misconceptions about self-worth and love and horrible advice being given in the form of memes… it’s just… too much these days.

Normally when I am unable to handle the craziness going on on Facebook I am able to seek relief on Instagram and Twitter. Not so this past week. Between seeing SO MANY people with huge followings telling people that they don’t have to forgive others to receive peace on top of this trend of competition between choosing this or that… this woman or that woman… this group or that group… this team or that team… this singer or that singer… this book or that book… GOD! I felt like my brain was about to explode! Not because it was a game that was annoying, but because the spirit of competition is running rampant in our race! It’s getting to the point where death and violence are the only things pulling us together these days. There’s so much this or that and separation going on. So much competing and trying to one up each other. So much of a choice instead of general acceptance. My soul was frustrated.

My soul was so frustrated I couldn’t even focus on my writing. I honestly didn’t think I would release a book for October because my spirit was so out of whack. I’m sure you’re like, ‘B, if you don’t like what you see on social media, don’t be on social media.’ I wish it was that easy. Trust me, if I didn’t have to use social media to interact with my readers every account I have would be deactivated!

So yesterday I was like, I’m just going to not drop any books in October and give myself a break from social media and the world. Just disconnect myself from everything and everyone and work on myself. Take the time to purge myself of all of the toxicity I see on a daily basis via social media.

I kid you not, my email started booming with orders that stemmed from my latest book and social media. I cannot keep my self-love journals stocked! Every time I order a new batch to cover the orders that have been placed and secure a few extras, I get in even more orders for the extras and then some!

Hold on.

This isn’t about me boasting about book sales.

This is about me learning another thing that people who love themselves do.

People who love themselves understand the difference between passion and purpose. They understand that their purpose isn’t even about them, but the people their purpose uses them to reach.

Do you know the difference between passion and purpose? I broke it down thoroughly in one of the books for my self-love class. They are available for purchase as a workbook and handbook on my self-love/womanhood course page. But here’s a brief breakdown –

Passion is self-centered. It’s your good thing. It revolves around you and your desire. Purpose is outer-centered. It’s the good thing you give to the world. It revolves around the need someone else has that you are able to fill. It’s where your identity comes from.

Now, some people have the ability to combine their passion and purpose, and that’s truly a blessing. I was able to do that. My passion is writing, and my purpose is to teach and heal through my writing. I’ve passed the point of writing being a gift. A hobby. A passion. Something that I can keep to myself. Something that I can choose not to do.

Nah, bruh. That’s no longer an option these days. There are way too many people counting on my purpose for me to deny them. And that’s the point of this blog.

When was the last time you woke up passionate about something? When was the last time you took note of your passion, purpose, goals, visions and dreams? Have you become a shell on autopilot that satisfies the needs of those around you, but neglect yourself? Have you become a shell on autopilot that satisfies only your desires and ignores the purpose inside of you that’s for everyone else? When was the last time you took inventory of your life and held yourself accountable for the good and the bad?

For me, it’s been a couple of months. And I can always tell when my spirit is getting low because my passion and purpose begins to suffer. You have to understand, beloved, that your passion is for you. It’s your escape. Your purpose is for the world. We can’t devote ourselves to one and ignore the other. We can’t ignore both. We can’t become so consumed with both that we miss out on taking the time to truly live and enjoy the moment.

It’s all about balance. Balance between purpose and passion. Work and play. Love of self and others. I’ve been off balance for a little while. I tried to get centered a few days ago by starting a new self-love journey via my journal but I got sidetracked. Not anymore. Tomorrow begins a new week and a new start for me. I’m going to take the time not only to pour myself and my purpose into the world, but also to make sure I’m pouring self-love, rest and care back into me.

My goal is to do a 31 day journaling journey. 31 days of self-love rituals, healthy eating, exercising and sleeping, finding the right balance between work and play and monitoring what I feed my eyes and mind via social media by limiting the days and time I spend on it.

Will you take this journey with me? I would love to have you 🙂 To get started, simply comment on this blog post and let me know you’re down! If you can’t start Monday that’s cool; let me know your start date so I can hold you accountable! If you want to use the same journal as me, head over to my self-love/womanhood course page and you can purchase it there. I would also recommend snagging the self-love workbook and handbook bundle. If you can’t, find a notebook and journal. Write. Purge your mind and soul. Journaling is a form of healing. Not only that, but words that we write and see stick to us greater than words we speak and let linger in the air. Invisible. You know what they say… out of sight out of mind. Write. See. Embed those words into your mind.

Until next time,

Love, B.

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