Beloved, it’s okay to be confident.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a blog for self-love Sunday, so here we are!

When you have people telling you things like, “You are too humble,” “Stop sleeping on yourself,” and, “You are way too intelligent and talented to be where you are. What’s holding you back?” it’s time to do some self-evaluation. At the end of my evaluation I realized the problem isn’t that I’m too humble, sleeping on myself, or anything of that nature. The problem is that I wasn’t confident in myself and in turn I wasn’t releasing that confidence into the world.

I wasn’t advertising my confidence. My abilities. My talent. My knowledge. My POWER. My freaking BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Those things that make me uniquely ME.

I’ve seen it time and time again… you know… the power of boosting. The power of promotion. The power of standing behind a person, product, book, whatever the case may be… and the belief in that thing being so real and confident that it has made people believe in that thing too.

That’s what confidence does. Confidence = The feeling or belief that someone can rely on something or someone; firm belief. Trust. Faith. Conviction. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something. A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities.

Confidence, beloved, is basically BELIEF in yourself. Your talent. Your gift. Your craft. Your appearance. Your… YOU. It’s trusting in yourself and your abilities. It’s being certain that you’re a bad a* that can get things done!

I can pretty much guarantee you that if a business chose two forms of promotion – an ad with their product name and uses and a video testimonial with someone describing how that product helped them and that they’re sure it will work for the viewers watching that the video will bring in far more sales than the ad.

People connect with people. More than that, they connect with genuine confidence. If I told you how great my book was and I was super confident that you would enjoy it, you’d try it wouldn’t you? But if I simply posted that I wrote a book would that catch your interest? How am I going to get you to take a chance on me and believe in me if I don’t even believe in myself?

That’s where confidence comes in.

People who love themselves are confident. They are confident in the God in them. They are confident in their talents. Their gifting. Their love. Their appearance. Even in their weaknesses and challenges, truly confident people will either work to correct those weaknesses or display them proudly as that which makes them human — still putting their confidence in full display.

Listen, beloved, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. You have to be your biggest fan. You’ve spent enough time being your hardest critic and worst enemy. You have to confidently release your gifts and purpose to the world. Make them believe in what you have to offer. YOU are POWERFUL, but YOU have to believe it. You have to tap into that power and release it to the world. It will NOT do it for you.

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